Industrial Applications

Lighting an industrial environment is not always an easy task. Because of a wide variety of operations, it's important to consider many elements that work to impact the amount of light reaching a surface, as well as its quality. Light fixture mounted sensors and lighting control systems will help you get the most out of your lighting system.

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Columbia LLHV

Columbia's LLHV offers three lumen packages suitable for mounting heights as low as 12' and as high as 40'. With 60,000 hour L80 life (projected over 100,000 hours), LLHV is the smart choice for warehouses, manufacturing, gymnasiums, convention centers and other large, open commercial spaces.

Light Corp Daystar Linear LED

The ultra-smart Light Corp DayStar Linear LED High Bay luminaire is available in 9 packages in 22" or 44" lengths, with a wide range of lumen outputs and wattages. The DayStar offers optional built-in Kanepi Wireless Controls technology at the most competitive price point on the market today. Also featuring modular LED light bars, hinged channel covers, and adjustable distribution.

Hubbell Industrial Lighting Kemlux III LED

Designed to efficiently light hazardous applications such as chemical, petrochemical, marine and power generation plants, the Hubbell Industrial Lighting Kemlux III LED is Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D listed. 6 mounting options and 3 light distributions make sure the light gets where it is needed.

Columbia's LEXEM

Columbia's LXEM is a multi-functional enclosed LED product which serves rugged to severe conditions as well as food service areas. The product family is offered in 2', 4' and 8' lengths with lumen packages ranging from 3,150 to 21,500 nominal lumens with efficacy up to 123 LPW.

Hubbell Industrial Lighting Lightwatt LED

The Hubbell Industrial Lighting Lightwatt LED luminaire provides comfortable, high efficiency illumination on vertical and horizontal surfaces and is ideal for warehouses, shipping docks, stairwells, and especially for low ceiling areas.

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